Club News & Events

 Come Along With Us

    The Ronald McDonald House
                        for friendship and gardening

           Every 3rd Monday of each month
                            Time: 10:00 AM

                  Everyone is Welcome!

              Sue, Carol and Mary
Betty T
Mary K and Macedon Club members
        New address for state office
Federated Garden Clubs of NYS, Inc. 
292 Washington Ave Ext STE 104
Albany, NY 12203-6385

There is now a $10 fee for tube TVs
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Butterflies, Birds and Bees in Your Backyard 
Ontario Garden Club at Library
Klemwood Garden Club at Library
Country Gardeners of Webster at Library
Remember the Bees
Photo by Anna with permission
Info on Scholarships through State, CAR,
and National
Kathy Valenti and her Gingerbread House Entry
at Eastman House
Eastman House Wreath Entries
Update from Janet
Summer Herald
  State  Virtual Speaker List during Covid-19