7th District Federated Garden Clubs NYS,Inc.
Mission Statement

1. To cooperate in carrying out the objects and purposes
     of the Federated Garden Clubs of NYS, Inc.  The Bylaws of 
     the District shall in no way violate the Bylaws of the

2. To co-ordinate the interests of the District's member clubs
     and bring them into closer relationship of mutual helpfulness;
     to serve as an educational source for help and information
     on all subjects of interest to garden clubs; to cooperate with
     horticultural and plant societies; and to encourage civic
     planting, the beautification of roadsides and the preservation
     of scenic and historic locations; to advance the arts of 
     gardening, horticulture, landscape design and flower
     arranging; and to arouse public interest in environmental
     concerns and in conserving the natural beauty and
     resources of New York State, our nation and the world.

​Membership Info and Placement:
    Christine Mott
    e-mail: mottbrit@rochester.rr.com

    Pat Bartholomew
    1438 Malone Rd
    Victor, NY 14564-9747
    Mail dues to Pat